As a market leader and premium brand, Turkcell aims to offer more value for the young customer segment and establish an emotional bond.

Fjord collaborated with Turkcell for designing a service for their youth segment. From the user interviews we’d done with young people of Turkey; we realised that they want to gain control of their expenses, to engage with their friends, to belong to a community and to have fun. We suggested Turkcell to create an app that puts the young people at the core and provides entertainment, control, and connection. Through the app we explored how to engage with the users in a personal manner, how to learn about their behaviours, and how to create a living community. We wanted GNCTRKCLL app to become a dynamic and living platform where the customers would feel the need to be active. We build the app concept on top of a gamification strategy with a very dynamic content where the users can win badges and rewards for their behaviour.

We had a limited time for this project so we wanted to try a different approach: We build a team of Fjord designers and Turkcell stakeholders from different departments. We divided the app concept into 4 parts and dedicated one week to each part. We started every week with a two day long co-creation workshop with the client and explored the ideas and made quick decisions. Then we created quick wireframes which we prototyped using Invision in the remaining three days of each week. With a very lean approach we built different sections on top of each other. Last couple of weeks I focused on the details and finalised the interaction design for iOS and Android platforms and then I created a service framework document which is including the first time use, the differentiation of the modules depending on different content, and the details of interaction. I also contributed defining the badge strategy.

Client: Turkcell

Industry: Telco      
Expertise: Service Design, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Service Strategy
Platforms: iPhone, Android