Kariyer Haritası

Kariyer.net is the leading job search service in Turkey. The service they wanted to create was super innovative and interesting: A career path service that allows university students and job seekers to explore what their next job could be. We completed the first phase of Kariyer Haritasi service which is focusing on high-school and university students in Turkey. User has two choices while using Kariyer Haritasi service. First they can choose the university and department and see the data of individuals who have previously graduated from the same university and the department i.e, in which industries and cities they work, whether they’ve done any internship, or graduate studies. Recent job postings regarding the graduates of this university and department are also shown. User has an option to share the results via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail.

As the second option user can choose the industry and department he would like to work in and see the data of professionals who work in that industry, i.e. which university and department they were graduated from, whether they speak any foreign languages, whether they’ve done any internship or graduate studies, etc. Visual CV of a Kariyer.net user working in the selected industry & department is also displayed anonymously.

Client: Kariyer.net
Industry: Education
Expertise: Concepting, Strategy, Interaction Design
Platform: Web
Timeframe: March 2013 – June 2013