GittiGidiyor / eBay Turkey

Launched in 2001, GittiGidiyor has more than 6.4 million registered users. In 2011, it is acquired by ebay. The project was redesigning their existing mobile & tablet apps and I involved in the project as a freelance UX Designer. I designed a new user experience consists of more than a hundred screens only for mobile app in a very short timeframe.

In tablet design*, the most challenging part was the flow for selling an item. Inspired by card game experience, I redesigned the confusing and heavy form field to provide a better user experience as well as a clean layout. Overall, it consists of two pages of a form that consists of different categories of information to be filled in. This enables user to see all the information in one place yet step by step, not being overwhelmed by lots of inout fields. For selling an item user enters the item’s category, photos and specifications by tapping on the relevant information boxes. When user taps on a box, it flips over and user starts filling in the input. After user fills all the necessary information on the first page, it slightly shifts and the button directing to the second page is displayed with the note of which fields is needed to be filled in on the next page.

* Tablet design is not used by the client.

Client: Gittigidiyor
Industry: Retail
Expertise: Concepting, Interaction Design, Prototyping
Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android
Timeframe: March 2012 – June 2012